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Fundraising Consulting Services

Fundraising services include storytelling to gain and retain more donors

Beautiful storytelling

that inspires and uses proven best practices.

Words matter.  Images matter.

As your nonprofit copywriting expert, with your stories and photos, I can craft pieces working across multiple platforms that will draw your donors in and make them feel like they’re part of the team.



And that results in more support for the cause you love – the people, the animals, the environment, social justice –
wherever your heart lies.

  • Appeals 

Asking the right people for the right thing at the right time.

  • Newsletters

Telling your donor just how she’s making a difference and inspiring her to give more.

  • Cases for Support

Telling your story, laying out the need, and boldly inviting others to join the cause.

  •  Gratitude Reports

Thanking your donors every year for the impact they made and reporting how their gifts were spent – this isn’t your Dad’s Annual Report.

  • Supporter Surveys 

Increase your organization’s revenue by asking your donors for their input.

  • Communications Audit

Need someone to review your communications, give positive feedback as well as constructive criticism? I’m here for it!

Fundraising services involve a strategic planning


that assures you have a goal and a plan to get there.

This is a big one.

As part of my fundraising consulting services, I would ask you this: where do you want to be in 3 years, 5 years, or even 10 years? There’s a lot that goes into working that out, but also… how do you get there? You must have a plan.

How do you get your board and staff – and even donors – to buy into the plan once it’s been established? And then how do you fund it?

  • Strategic Planning

Work with your board and staff to establish the needs and goals of the organization.

  • Develop the Roadmap

Establish specific steps to reach your goals and create a budget.

  • Focus Groups 

Meet with donors to gauge buy in for the plan.

  • Create the Fundraising Plan

Craft the plan using multiple strategies to fund your goals. Using direct mail, print, digital, face-to-face, and other methods, you’re one step closer to creating more change!

My proven fundraising consulting services will help you gain more.

Plan to succeed!

Your success is my goal! Let’s explore the possibilities. Gain more from fundraising consulting services today.