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Passion. You’ve got it.

You have passion for helping.
I have passion to help you build relationships with donors.


Hi. I’m Aimee.

I specialize in nonprofit consulting and I can help you take your fundraising to the next level.

I understand.
Nonprofit work takes persistence. It takes consistency. It takes agility.

It takes hard work.
I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector my entire adult life. 30+ years. And I’ve done it all. Cleaning toilets (really), programs, fundraising, executive directing, and everything in between.

So I understand ALL the work that goes into running a successful nonprofit.

You’re a hero in my eyes.

But there’s another hero in your world.


I know how to help you invite remarkable people to do more for your wonderful work.


Donors are leaving at an alarming rate.

The latest research tells us that about 60% of first time donors don’t make a second gift. But there are well tested strategies, best practices, and even fundraising psychology principles that could as much as double your donor revenue.


Fundraising is art and science.

From design, to copywriting, to relationship building, helping your donor feel like she’s part of something bigger than herself is priority. We all want that. It’s human nature. Nobody wants to feel like a cash machine.

When the pandemic hit…

no one knew how it would affect the nonprofit sector. Many nonprofits suffered and were forced to close their doors. But through nonprofit consulting, every one of my clients not only survived, they thrived, raising more money in 2020 than in 2019.

One raised 72% more… over $2 million more!

My years of experience in nonprofit consulting have helped a lot of nonprofits thrive. Because of my dedication to my clients, I spent part of my days researching crisis fundraising, attending webinars, and then implementing what I learned.

I’ll bring that same energy to your nonprofit today.

Aimee Vance - Experienced Nonprofit Specialist and Fundraising Expert

The last 10 years of my nonprofit consulting career have been spent on the frontlines helping nonprofits build relationships with donors. I’ve helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars to make their dreams a reality. Whether it’s creating and implementing a communications plan, writing a case for support, direct mail appeals or newsletters, coaching, or inspiring your board, I can help.

So, let’s talk. Schedule a free 60-minute consultation and tell me about your dreams and your challenges.